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What Information You Need To Know Before Any Air Conditioning Installation

Having air conditioning installed be it in your office or home is an investment that needs to be thought out, planned and decided upon taking into account a number of factors. And cost is certainly not the first and foremost priority, even when value is important to you.

What manufactures are being used?

All air conditioning installation companies are installers of the equipment provided to them by manufacturers. There are over 20 popular air conditioning manufacturers and believe me there is a massive difference in quality, reliability and longevity between them.

Recommendation: 123 testing. only choose and air conditioning company that have quoted to install one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning equipment. the names of these include:  Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fujitsu, LG.  in exactly the same order that I have listed them, is exactly the way that I would recommend them. this is based on over 15 years of installing all of these types of equipment and knowing all the pitfalls and operational novelties that are associated to each one.

The guarantee provided by the company

In most cases, the air conditioning company who is installing the air conditioning solution, will provide you with a simple and basic twelve-month parts and labour warranty on the installation of equipment.  this is by no means any type of special guarantee. I have yet to meet a company who does not offer this type of warranty. The reason being, is that it’s such a small minority of air conditioning that would run into problems within the 1st 12 months. You really need to make sure that you are covered onwards from that.

Recommendation:  choose a company who will provide you with the industry-standard 12 months parts and labour warranty. but with an additional option of having another 2 years parts warranted by them. This would ensure you have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is looked after and that you will not run into any hefty bills.

Does the installation company offer service and maintenance

if you have had your air conditioning installed professionally, then you really need to make sure that that same company can offer you an air conditioning maintenance package. air conditioning maintenance is usually carried out on a biannual basis in most cases.  air conditioning equipment that has been maintained correctly will ensure that you receive the lifespan that your investment should warrant. in most cases you can expect 10 to 15 years hasslefree lifetime, and onwards from that you can expect the main serviceable parts will become defective. as with all maintenance warranty packages they risk the chance that you could have a breakdown. In the event of this always check with the air conditioning company that you’re using that they operate and air conditioning service package, meaning that they will create a callout  charge sheet and be clear and defined what it will cost you if your air conditioning ever does fail.

Recommendation:  Be sure to do due diligence on the air conditioning company that you are choosing for the installation. Ask for names and contact details of people they have done work for before you can approached and asked the testimonials and to gauge of first-hand experience of someone who was already been in your position.

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