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What Is The Ideal Temperature For A Server Room or Data Centre

This is a question to comes up so many times during a maintenance visit or when we install a new air conditioning system for a server room. The reason being is that for most people the cooler the better when it comes to keeping machinery cool. The true is there is a lot more too it. Without going into the boring and confusing technical jargon about due point and relative humidity there are a few simple steps to keep in mind.

The first thing to remember is that most computer equipment is desugned based on an ambient of 19 – 23C! The manufactures have done their calculations and tests at these temperature and this should be the range for you to keep the room at too.

Why should the server room be kept at normal comfortable ambient?

When an air conditioning unit runs and cools the inside of the indoor unit (Evaporator) begins to get very cold. Between 2c and 5c! This means that the evaporator sweats and builds with condensation. The condensation then drips or is pumped away, resulting in a drying effect of the air. This is what causes the relative humidity to fall within a server room. “Great” I hear you say, who needs humidity in a server room? Well, if the humidity falls below 35% then the chance of static rise, now static in a server is not a good thing, for example static will wipe data clean and cause sparks, shorts and shocks. These are all things you don’t want.

If you are concerned about the temperature in your server room then call out the professionals to take a look and they will assist you in creating the right environment for your precious data.

So no you know the breif reasons of the ideal temperature of a server room. Keep it at 19 or 20c and be safe.

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