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What Types Of Air Conditioning Can You Service And Maintain

Finding the right contractor to service and maintain all of your air conditioning can be a real task, with so many types of air conditioning products and manufacturers which company can offer you the best service and support while maintaining your equipment?

In just the same way some car repair companies are limited to one the of manufacture or specialism air conditioning companies can be the same too. And long as the companies you have a relationship with, does the thing you want them too, at a time you need them to, great. But what if you need something else needs doing that the particular company does not do? You’re then back looking for another company who can.

We have a number of client who require a vast and varied package foo all different types of air conditioning. From roof top chiller maintennace to fgas legislation, VRV air conditioning maintenance and so much more. Most other companies would not have the skill-sets available to offer the air conditioning service and support that they need.

At Service Group 365 We are proud to be one of the very few air conditioning companies based in the UK that can offer the complete spectrum of air conditioning and cooling services for our clients, through our vast and varied technological skill base we are able to offer you all of the necessary services and maintenance packages that are possible for all types of cooling applications.

Whether you have office air conditioning or factory air conditioning. Whether you have a rooftop chiller the controls water chilled fan coils or chilled beams within a clean room operation. We are able to offer you the service and support you require to ensure that your equipment is maintained correctly.


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