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When is The Right Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Your trusty old air conditioning system has been running without as much as the hitch for the past 10 to 15 years, so why replace it now? Do you wait till it breaks down? Do you live in hope that you will receive another 15 years of trouble-free service from your air conditioner?

There really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to replacing your old air conditioning system, however there are a number of factors to consider when your air conditioner is over seven years old, or runs in conditions where it is continuously under use 24 hours a day seven days a week. Like server room and data storage areas.

Firstly, how much extra is your old air conditioning unit costing to run, compared to what a brand-new unit would? Manufacturers now are so proud of their COP levels ( this stands for coefficients of performance) and really means how efficiently it runs. That they are encouraging their end users to replace their old equipment with newer equipment, and allowing the cost savings of energy usage to pay for the new installation. Interesting! Now that does seem  as if they got quite a lot of confidence that you will indeed save money. Thankfully, the proof is in the energy ratings, and if someone is using their air conditioning eight hours a day five days a week and  throughout the entire year then it’s fair to assume that a system that is over seven years old is probably more efficient to replace than to keep.

If your air conditioning system has been running effectively with little or no breakdowns for a number of years, how long do you think that this will continue? Naturally, any mechanical type product which is at point in his life where it breaks down far more than it ever has in the past, will only continue to do so. All breakdowns and all callouts are a chargeable unknown quantity that without doubt will begin to occur when the product reaches a certain time its life. It’s these unknown and unaccountable costs which really make the breakdown a pain in the backside and the wallet. Putting aside for the moment the actual cost of the breakdown, and the repair of the air conditioning system. There are probably additional costs that will incur you may not have given a second thought to. This might be computers running more slowly as they are hotter, people working more slowly than they are hotter too! And the biggest cost of all, is that if some electrical equipment, such as computers or service actually fail because of the heat, then how do you allow for this cost?!

But what if you’re not a big user of air conditioning, what if your air conditioning system only gets turned on sporadically and in the past 15 years has proven extremely trusty and reliable when it needed to be. Well in this case, it probably makes sense to keep that system running for as long as possible, as long as you have a correct air conditioning maintenance plan in place to preserve as much of its life as possible then it seems to make sense to follow the old adage  “if it’s not broke don’t fix it”. or in this case don’t replace it.

Depending on the type of air conditioning systems you have the cost of a new air conditioning installation will differ completely for each and every application. if you’re really not sure what category you fit in, then it’s always best to call-up a professional and ask their opinion.

One interesting note to add regarding air conditioning usage that may make you realise just how efficient and how reliable your air conditioning is or has been. It’s a well-known fact that the average speed of a car travels in it’s lifetime is only 30 mph. it’s the cars average speed, sometimes little more sometimes a little less. The same goes with air conditioning. New type inverter air conditioning runs at an average speed throughout its lifetime, if you imagine that your air conditioning unit runs for eight hours a day five days a week and 50 weeks a year then your air conditioning system runs for a total of  2000 hours per year. if you put that into perspective of driving a car for 2000 hours then effectively, your air conditioning has covered the same usage that the car would after travelling 60,000 miles in one year. it then becomes very apparent when you start compounding that over 5, 10 or 15 years just how efficient and reliable your air conditioning system is.

if an air conditioning system is something that is really important to you that it stays running all year round, then we suggest that you always maintain your air conditioning systems at least twice per year. then whenever a main component goes with inside the air conditioning system and your system is 7+ years older and has been superseded by a far more advanced efficient model, then we would recommend that that system would be replaced.



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