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Winter Colds and Viruses Prevented by Proper Building Ventilation

The winter of 2012 and 2013 has without doubt been very problematic with regards to spreads of colds, flu, viruses and general ill-health within the UK population.  The amount of lost work days is absolutely staggering resulting in and illness costing people financially and also costing business production too. So what can be done to reduce the amount of downtime caused by these illnesses?

Proper Building Ventilation

Ventilating your building or your home is absolutely essential in times of highly contagious cold viruses and illnesses.  Avoiding all contact with current sufferers can be absolutely impossible, so mitigating the risk of illness has to remain a priority if you are banking on remaining well during these challenging times. It is a well-known occurrence that if a colleague within the workplace has been stricken with an illness that is contagious, then it is very likely that this cold/virus will spread around the office like wildfire.  An obvious tip that is often overlooked is that you need to provide proper building ventilation within the areas, this will bring fresh clean air in from outside, and remove the stale stagnant and possibly contagious air from within.  It really only takes about 10 minutes three times a day to ensure that any office/admin/home area is correctly ventilated to massively minimise the spread of illness.

How to quickly ventilate any room or building

There really is only one sensible way to ventilate any room or building quickly if you haven’t already got a mechanical ventilation system installed.  Open as many doors and windows as possible and allow the air to flow through.  I know it will be cold during the winter months doing so, but the high possibility that you will mitigate the chance of illness should be worth the freshness.  Also, opening up all areas for short burst of time will ensure that the air is totally changed within the rooms. If on the other hand you choose to slightly open one window to allow a slight breeze in, all you will do is dilute some of the air within.  At times of illness and sickness you really need to replace all of the air within the room.

Thankfully, by opening up all windows and doors in short bursts allows air in quickly, but also allows all of the fabric of the room and building to retain the heat from the old air. This means, once you close all windows and doors again the room will very quickly warm-up using the residual heat that is stored within the walls, floors, furniture etc.

Be one of the lucky ones this winter and escape the dreaded office colds and viruses.  Ventilate your home and office in quick short blasts to begin to benefit from better health and cleaner air.

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